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Appointment Reminders

People lead busy lives, and it’s easy to overbook on commitments. Don’t let them forget about an upcoming appointment…

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Two-Way Automated Texting

Art of Chat makes it just as easy to respond to text messages as it is to send them. Receive real-time notifications on your desktop…

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Reputation Management

Businesses and professional practices thrive on reviews. You might be the very best in the world at what you do, but no one would…

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Group Announcements and Emergency Notifications

Accidents happen. Be prepared and send out mass messages to your customers alerting them of the emergency or change in schedule…

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Save Time and Hassle with Your New Assistant

Offices are bombarded with patients who all deserve the same amount of time and attention. You can’t afford to go without…

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Getting Started with Art of Chat is Easy

AoC integrates with your existing booking or patient scheduler. This process takes minutes and is a “set it and forget it” product…

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Inphonite’s Art of Chat can be found throughout many industries and is used for many purposes.

Whether you are a delivery service, a pest control business, an automotive dealer, a small medical clinic or even a large hospital, utilize Inphonite’s automated messaging service to strategically grow your business.


What our customers are saying.

Art of Chat has decreased patients missing appointment due to forgetting time or date. It has also made it easier for patients to let us know they will not be making the appointment.


Yoakum Community Hospital

Reasons for Choosing Art of Chat: ease of use, flexibility, and ability to manage multiple sites in one system.


Workwell Occupational Medicine

We were working with a current vendor for our EHR needs and they had a relationship with Inphonite. Once we saw how the product meshed with our EHR system it made it easy to transition to using Inphonite.


Community Mental Health Center

Some of Our Partners


Art of Chat as Appointment Reminder Software

People lead busy lives, and it’s easy to overbook on commitments. Don’t let them forget upcoming appointments. Send a call, email, or text one week ahead to confirm their appointment, and send a follow-up reminder the day before giving them the option to reschedule.

Giving patients an easy way to reschedule is better for your office and better for the health of your patient.

After an appointment is scheduled, some patients will change their mind and choose to simply not show up or cancel altogether. By shifting the focus to changing the date or time of the appointment rather than cancelling it outright, you’re encouraging your patients to make better decisions for their overall health.

These automated reminders and nudges to reschedule rather than cancel appointments will save your business time and money. They help you keep your schedule fully booked. You don’t need to overtask a receptionist or a secretary with calling everyone in an attempt to confirm appointments. Let the technology handle the process.

Use a template or your own words to create a brief reminder text. Be mindful not to incorporate too much sensitive information in your reminder. HIPAA compliance is always of the utmost importance.

Let your patients know that if they need more information about their appointment or would like to discuss medical information, that they should to give you a call or use the patient portal.

A reminder system can be used for more than just appointments. If a patient or customer has an outstanding bill, no one wants to be tasked with making that phone call. It’s uncomfortable for both parties to have a verbal discussion about finances, especially if the person on the receiving end of the bill is experiencing financial hardship.

Bill reminders are an excellent way to keep a line open about outstanding invoices. Your customer or patient may be a little more comfortable asking about payment plans or alternative options over text message.

Getting Started with Art of Chat is Easy

Art of Chat works with your existing booking and patient software. It integrates with your scheduler by automatically reading the upcoming appointment data. Art of Chat can be supplied with all the information it needs via FTPs, SFTP, an export tool, or a CSV file dump. This is a process that takes minutes. It’s a “set it and forget it” product that runs in the background, or a simple task you can quickly accomplish before you run out for lunch, rather than something that will take weeks.

Two-Way Texting with Customers, Patients, and Clients

Two-way texting is possible from your business phone number, even if you use a local telecom carrier. Art of Chat does not replace your existing phone system. It works in conjunction with the system you already have in place. With Art of Chat, it’s just as easy to respond to text messages as it is to send them. Receive real-time notifications on your desktop as messages come in with system tray pop-ups.

If a patient or client needs to reschedule or is requesting more information about a product or service, those text replies don’t fall into a void. You’ll receive them as they come, leaving the lines of communication open.

Your staff can quickly and easily respond in real time, or when they themselves are available. This instant communication simplifies the process for both your staff and your patients. If your patient is unable to make a personal call, a text is a convenient solution. It eliminates the need to play phone tag or delay the exchange of important information.

Should a customer need to reschedule an appointment, you’re able to do so immediately. Getting those reschedule requests allows you to promptly fill the open spot in your schedule, while continually booking appointments for new clients or patients.

In a retail setting, customers can text to check if an item is in stock or ask about the status of a shipped item. Businesses then have the opportunity to clarify on orders such as sizing, resolving address issues, or changing shipping type.

Using Art of Chat

Art of Chat is simple, but powerful. It won’t take your staff long to become familiar with the system. Once they see how much easier their day to day tasks become when communication is facilitated by Art of Chat, they’re likely to thank you.

Contact us to learn more about how Art of Chat can revolutionize the way you do business and keep the conversation going.

Art of Chat’s Reputation Management Feature

Businesses and professional practices thrive on reviews. You might be the very best in the world at what you do, but no one would know without a trail of glowing reviews. People find everything they need online. The first thing they do before deciding to make a purchase or schedule an appointment is read the reviews for the businesses or professional services they’re interested in.

You need to stand out from your competitors. If they have more reviews and a generally positive rating, those in the research phase of a purchasing decision will go with what they see. Getting as many reviews as possible, especially from people who are satisfied with the experience, will position you as a formidable contender.

Art of Chat’s Review Management abilities make it simple to send automated text messages asking your customers, patients, or clients for reviews.

Make it easy for them to do what you’re asking. Give them a link in a text message that will allow them to tap and type their opinions. If they have a few moments during their morning commute or while they’re waiting for the coffee to brew, they won’t mind putting in a good word.

If the reviews you’re receiving aren’t necessarily the reviews you’d like, you can also use the automated system to ask customers or patients to fill out a survey about their experience. Their feedback can help you shape an environment where people feel comfortable and valued.

Applying changes based on this feedback will ultimately help your office or business garner better reviews. For better or for worse (but hopefully for better), these management tools will help you elevate your business to its fullest potential.

Sending Group Messages

You don’t want patients to start showing up and be turned away at the door. A rapid response is better for everyone involved.

Art of Chat can be used to text groups of patients or customers to tell them what happened and help them reschedule their appointments in case of emergency.  You can send that text message as soon as you know your office won’t be open and you can do it from your own cell phone.

Group texts can also be used to communicate crucial information to your employees. If someone arrives to discover that the office has been vandalized or burglarized, the police won’t allow your employees to enter.

Using Art of Chat to send out a mass text after the police have been contactedwill prevent people from showing up to work, only to find that they’re not allowed inside.

These group texts are also effective for large scale announcements. If your office has availability of important vaccine, a text blast can inform all of your patients. Those who are interested in receiving the vaccination can immediately respond to book appointments.

Art of Chat allows you to book these appointments with ease. Coupling appointment reminders with the no-hassle bookings, and appointment confirmations and will ensure that day to day operations run smoothly. Your office will stay busy, and the influx of appointments will be simple to manage.


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